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Please scroll through the introduction and research profile to every GSS 2023 presenter to know more about those leading the innovative research at Penn.

Learn even more about our presenters on their  INTRODUCTION AND RESEARCH PROFILES

Oral Presenters

Name  Email  Year  Area of Research Session
Kai Shen 5th Energy/Catalysis 3
Yanghang Huang 5th Energy/Catalysis 3
Lilia Escobedo 5th Bio, Computation 2
Reshma Kalyan Sundaram 5th Bio 2
Gaochen Jin 5th Bio 2
Mengjie Fan 5th Energy/Catalysis 3
Han Zhang 5th Soft Matter, Computation 1
Jed-Joan Edziah 5th Soft Matter 1
Jun Lu 5th Computation 1
Vikram Sudarshan 5th Computation 1

Poster Presenters

Poster #  Name  Email  Year  Area of Research 
1 Mitchell Daneker 3rd Computation
2 Gaochen Jin 5th Bio
3 Mengjie Fan 5th Energy/Catalysis
4 Han Zhang 5th Soft Matter, Computation
5 Trevor Devine 4th Soft Matter
6 Max Pisciotta 4th Energy/Catalysis
7 Anirban Majumder 4th Soft Matter, Energy/Catalysis
8 Jun Lu 5th Computation
9 Weiduo Wang 3rd Soft Matter, Computation
10 CK Yeh 4th Soft Matter, Bio
11 Emery Hsu 3rd Soft Matter
12 Joel Hayford 2nd Computation
13 Katie Sun 3rd Soft Matter
14 Sharvari Kemkar 3rd Bio, Computation
15 Samuel Layding 4th Soft Matter, Computation
16 Yu (Jen) Gu 5th Bio
17 Alexander Johnson 4th Soft Matter, Computation
18 Benjamin Ferko 3rd Energy/Catalysis, Soft Matter
19 Dong-Hun Lee 4th Bio
20 Ramanathan Ganesan 2nd Energy/Catalysis
21 Jed-Joan Edziah 5th Soft Matter
22 Ching-Yu Wang 4th Energy/Catalysis
23 Katherine V. Gomes 4th Energy/Catalysis
24 Sahil Kulkarni 4th Computation